21 December 2023

2023: A Year of Innovation and Growth

2023 has been nothing short of remarkable, with our inaugural satellite launching into space marking a significant milestone in our journey. The stars have aligned, and we’re thrilled to share these exciting developments. As we gear up for the adventures that 2024 has in store, here’s a snapshot of our escapades thus far and a preview of the journey awaiting us in the new year.

Our 2023 Accolade Odyssey

We have our first satellite in space! SpIRIT – Space Industry Responsive Intelligent Thermal. This mission is a testament to years of unwavering dedication in design, assembly, and rigorous testing, marking a milestone in Australia’s Space Capability. SpIRIT carries Inovor’s first Apogee Bus platform to Space, demonstrating our cutting-edge technology and integration capabilities. The spacecraft is now being operated by Inovor using our Perigee Mission Control Software which supports fully autonomous tasking and operations. With SpIRIT now soaring in the skies, we’re only getting started!

Following our win in 2020, Inovor was honored to again receive the national title ‘Space Business of the Year’ at the 2023 Australian Defence Industry Awards in Canberra. The Australian defence domain has grown exponentially in the last few years, so winning this award for the second time attests to our commitment to growth, through advancing our technology and developing stronger sovereign capabilities here in Australia.

Inovor has been selected for Lockheed Martin’s Mentor Protegee Program, as only the third company outside of the US in the 33 years of the program to participate. Inovor executives and its leadership team will go through an intensive 12-month mentoring program covering business practice across HR, contracting, export and import controls, quality management systems, and cyber security. We are incredibly excited to have access to subject matter experts at Lockheed Martin in both Australia and the US and cannot wait to use this opportunity to make Inovor flourish on an even larger and global scale. “Inovor impressed us with their innovative technologies, the clarity of their vision, and their determination to seek sustained growth through securing export opportunities in the US and further afield. Their commitment to making the necessary investments to compete for global supply chain contracts made them ideally suited for the Mentor Protégé Program.” – David Ball, Regional Director Australia and New Zealand Lockheed Martin Space.

We are big believers in collaboration, both locally and international. Through learning from each other, such as through the Lockheed Martin Mentor Protegee Program, we can achieve greater milestones than ever before! These awards and recognition fuel our team to not just keep going but keep growing.

Last but not the least, this year, Inovor was a finalist and highly commended in the Space category Award at the American Chamber of Commerce Australia Alliance Awards ceremony in Sydney.

Our Satellite Missions 

2023 has been a special year for Inovor Technologies with SpIRIT now soaring in the skies, and we’re only getting started. The first South Australian Government satellite mission ‘Kanyini is gearing up for launch in 2024. Having just successfully completed its environmental testing, it’s almost ready to go. On an internal front, our very own 12U Space Domain Awareness (SDA) satellite, Hyperionhas passed its concept design phase through to a fully tested engineering model and we are now exploring partnerships and collaborations both locally and internationally to get it in orbit. Finally, the Buccaneer Main Mission flight satellite has been delivered to DSTG with launch on the cards for next year! 

We also accelerated our services into international markets, exploring export opportunities of our spacecraft to Japan and the USA.  To support our ongoing growth as a company, this year we doubled the size of our facilities, and introduced new Printed Circuit Assembly (PCA) and solar panel manufacturing equipment to our production line. Going into next year, we will be installing a new clean room, which will significantly increase our capacity to manufacture satellite platforms, allowing us to meet the demands of our new customers!

In the midst of all our advanced manufacturing capabilities we’re also conducting ongoing design and R&D of our larger Australis satellite platform, readying Inovor for entry into the small-sat market.

Our DNA 

Our leadership team is nothing short of extraordinary. The exceptionally harmonious blend of Dr. Matt Tetlow’s and Ben Adams’ leadership skills and expertise drives our organization forward. We believe in under-promising and over-delivering, consistently surpassing expectations in every endeavour. This approach is ingrained in our work, ensuring that our clients and partners not only receive cutting-edge solutions but also experience the added value and innovation that set us apart.

We’re extremely proud of our team leaders who have not only met expectations and delivered the required results but gone above and beyond in their own work. A deserving mention to, Tina Dsouza, Daniel Wardle, Zebb Prime, Pete Anastasiou, and Daniel Esparon for being the resourceful, resilient and goal-oriented leads that you are. They have played an indispensable role in translating and instilling Inovor’s vision, as well as their own, into our hardworking team of engineers.

Speaking of a hardworking team, Jack Philpott, Reilly Heijkoop-Logan and Patrice Harapeti have done something this year that not a lot of people can say they have. In the first year as full-time engineers, they’ve worked on the first ever fully Australian built satellite, to carry an international space agency payload. Both Jack and Reilly have transformed from fresh faced interns into graduate trainees, and then into highly valued and productive full-time engineers of the Inovor team. Although just recently graduated, Patrice has been working at Inovor for 2.5 years. As the second employee to work full time on the mission control system, he has been instrumental in all aspects of its development. It’s so great to have them onboard.

We recognize that a diverse workforce sparks innovation and drives success. At Inovor, we actively seek to build a team that reflects the richness of backgrounds and experiences, understanding that it is our collective differences that make us stronger. Being different is not just accepted; it’s embraced and celebrated in our DNA. We believe that it is in this diverse and inclusive atmosphere that we truly excel, creating a workplace where everyone has the opportunity to contribute, grow, and succeed. By fostering an inclusive culture that champions gender equality, we aim to inspire the next generation of female leaders in STEM. Our dedication to supporting women in STEM is not just a part of our philosophy—it’s a driving force behind our mission to push the boundaries of what is possible in the ever-evolving landscape of space and technology.

Here’s to wrapping up 2023 on a high note: to welcoming Inovor’s intern class of Summer 2023/24!  

From Australia to the world, our journey continues, and we’re excited to see what horizons we get to explore in the upcoming year!

Navigating the realms in the space & defence industry as a satellite manufacturing company comes with its fair share of challenges, and this year was no exception. Our gratitude goes out to our customers and the exceptional teams within our electronic warfare and satellite missions’ divisions. Their dedication and ingenuity have been the strong foundation that helped us overcome every hurdle, propelling us to new heights in 2023.

As we reflect on the lessons learned and opportunities seized, we’re immensely proud to announce that we’ve not only grown bigger but have also emerged as front-line thought leaders in the industry. Our commitment to advanced manufacturing and building sovereign capabilities has placed us at the forefront, transforming us from industry players in South Australia to key contributors on the global stage.

 Thank you for being part of our orbit, our community, and we look forward to soaring to new heights together in 2024.