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Autonomous Ops 

Inovor stands at the forefront of space technology innovation. Our cutting-edge expressive scripting systems redefine decision-making on orbit within the spacecraft, empowering it to dynamically adapt and respond to its environment. Our scripting systems encompass a wide array of functionalities, from issuing pointing commands to querying the real-time state of the spacecraft. Our technology enables adjusting the orientation of the spacecraft to capturing critical data and commanding payloads to task with precision. 


In collaboration with the Australian Institute of Machine Learning, our engineers have crafted a revolutionary AI system that powers our spacecraft to identify objects both in the vastness of space and right here on Earth onboard of the spacecraft in real time.

Hyperion, one of our innovative smart small satellites, encompasses Space Domain Awareness (SDA) capabilities that seamlessly integrate with our AI technology. This not only navigates space with precision but also identifies and surrounding objects with unparalleled accuracy.

Skyris, our smart Earth observation small satellite, harnesses the same AI prowess to revolutionize how we perceive and understand our planet. From identifying geographic features to monitoring environmental changes, Skyris captures the essence of Earth from the vantage point of space.

High precision pointing

In the realm of attitude management and control systems, achieving high precision pointing is pivotal for the success of space missions. Our approach involves a robust combination of off-the-shelf technology and in-house innovations. Our startrackers, magnetorquers and the reaction wheels, contribute to unparalleled accuracy by precisely determining the spacecraft’s orientation. Our star tracker is a high-precision, low-power attitude sensor designed and manufactured in house along with the magnetorquers and the reaction wheels. It provides fully autonomous attitude determination in a compact form factor. We have validated this by using night sky testing and our in-house star simulator over its operational temperature range

Low noise

Inovor’s bus provide extremely low Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) environment, critical for customer’s highly sensitive instruments and sensors. Our flight model bus achieves less than 5dB above the level of thermal noise radiated from the Earth at key frequencies, even when with the spacecraft operating at full capacity. These impressive levels are made possible by applying multiple engineering solutions to give our customers the greatest range of operational flexibility possible

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Inovor is a 100% owned and operated Australian commercial satellite manufacturer, and we contribute to Australia’s national security program through the provision of electronic warfare expertise and our inhouse satellite production capabilities to defence.

The company’s focus on innovation and technological advancement is a key differentiator. Inovor invests heavily in research and development, enabling us to create cutting-edge solutions that address complex defence challenges. In-house developed spacecraft capability with mechanical, electronics and software allow the possibility for complete system observability to maximise mission assurance.

Inovor has a strong emphasis on local manufacturing, which provides several advantages. By having control over the manufacturing process, we can ensure quality, security, and timely delivery of our products. All these critical components, crafted within our facilities, not only enhance the precision of our pointing mechanisms but also establish a sovereign edge, reinforcing our self-reliance in advancing space technologies