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We develop spaceborne systems that enhance defence capabilities, including space-based sensors, imaging systems, and data analytics platforms. Inovor Technologies performs contract research and development for the defense and commercial industries. We have domain experience and expertise in simulation and modelling, tactics, countermeasures and electronic warfare, Space Situation Awareness mission systems and systems engineering. Inovor is Australia’s only sovereign commercial satellite manufacturer, and we contribute to Australia’s national security program through the provision of electronic warfare expertise to Defence

Modelling & Simulation (M&S)

M&S is instrumental in exploring various tactics and operational use cases for both flight and marine systems, providing capability for Defence, and specifically, M&S for Electronic Warfare (EW). Bespoke model development and model modification for use within simulation environments, model test and validation, M&S for trials planning, support and analysis, M&S for operational mission data development and analysis.

M & S play a crucial role in the development and analysis of flight and marine systems which Inovor excels in. One key aspect is radar, where sophisticated simulations are employed to replicate real-world radar operations. These simulations allow engineers and researchers to fine-tune radar systems, test their capabilities, and optimize their performance.

Flight safety analysis for weapons trials heavily relies on simulation and modeling. This is one of Inovor’s key services provided within Defence solutions. Engineers and analysts use these tools to simulate weapons testing scenarios, assessing potential risks and ensuring that safety measures are in place to protect personnel and equipment during trials.

Space Domain Awareness (SDA)

SDA Mission Systems encompass various critical components, each playing a vital role in monitoring and safeguarding objects in space. Astrodynamics and orbit propagation form the foundation of this system, providing precise calculations and predictions for the movement of satellites, debris, and other space objects. Inovor has this capability that allows for the tracking and assessment of potential collision risks and helps in maintaining the integrity of vital space assets.

Sensor tasking is another essential element of SDA Mission Systems. It involves the coordination and management of various sensors and telescopes that monitor the skies. These systems are tasked with observing specific regions of interest in space, ensuring that any potential threats or anomalies are promptly detected and analyzed.

Image processing is a critical component of SDA Mission Systems. Our engineers work on the interpretation and analysis of data collected by sensors and telescopes. We use advanced algorithms and software to process and extract valuable information from the vast amount of imagery generated. This processed data aids in identifying and characterizing space objects, assessing their behavior, and enhancing overall space situational awareness.

Electronic Warfare Research and Development

Our engineers are the backbone of our Electronic Warfare Research and Development endeavors. Our experts delve deep into radar technologies, developing electronic warfare systems that disrupt and neutralize enemy threats, Cutting-edge signal processing techniques, advanced M&S tools to replicate real-world scenarios, which enable comprehensive testing. We collaborate closely with defense organizations to understand their needs and deliver tailor-made solutions.

Systems Engineering

Providing model-based systems engineering (MBSE) support to Defence clients across the full system lifecycle, from scenario and vignette development, user needs elicitation through to requirements decomposition and management and verification and validation (V&V)

With all the services we offer, in both the space and defence domain, we initially focused on a specific task, but through our commitment to enhancing our capabilities we are moving away from being the supplier of knowledge to a driver of knowledge. 

Inovor recognizes the potential of space innovation in strengthening Australia’s space-based defence capabilities. As the importance of space as a domain for military operations continues to grow, Inovor envisions contributing to the development of advanced space technologies and systems. This includes the development of innovative solutions for space domain awareness, space-based surveillance, and spaceborne platforms.

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