Inovor provides turnkey satellite mission solutions, using our family of Apogee nanosatellite buses. We support use case and requirements development and perform the mission design. We then design, manufacture, integrate and test the spacecraft before delivery to the launch service provider.

The Apogee bus provides the power, pointing, mission control and telemetry systems all integrated into a lightweight modular structure.

• The power system has a unique distributed architecture providing unprecedented fault tolerance as well as high burst power. The 3U bus can deliver 200W of power to the payload, while the 12U bus can deliver nearly 1KW of power to the payload.

• The attitude control system provides precision pointing using three axis reaction wheel control. The sensor suite consists of multiple sensor combinations providing fault tolerant attitude estimation in all phases of flight. The full system, including star tracker, is packaged in a 0.6U module.

• The main mission module includes a mission computer and a UHF TT&C system, as well as the satellite bus software. This module provides a single secure interface to the payload to control all subsystems in the bus.

Inovor will develop a custom payload module to integrate the client’s payload into the bus. With complete control of all hardware (electrical and mechanical) and software, the Apogee Bus offers unprecedented flexibility, security and mission assurance.