The age of commercial spaceflight is here. Inovor Technologies is part of it.

Inovor Technologies partners with Titomic

Titomic is teaming with commercial partners like Inovor Technologies to provide specific application use cases and establish performance, testing and acceptance requirements for low carbon emission ‘green’ titanium space vehicle demonstrator parts for the Australian space sector and export markets.

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Pathways to Employment at Lot Fourteen

With new businesses and start-ups moving into Lot Fourteen come new opportunities for employment, including work experience, mentoring and internships. Inovor Technologies is just one company firmly investing in skills for the future.

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spIRIT of Australia set to launch by 2022

Inovor Technologies will play a major role in an Australian-first space mission in collaboration with the University of Melbourne, Siatel Australia, Neumann Space, Nova Systems and both the UK and Italian space agencies.

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SA in box seat for space industry jobs boom

Adelaide-based Inovor Technologies chief executive Dr Matthew Tetlow says for the local industry to grow, governments should preference Australian contractors first when allocating money for big space or defence contracts.

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Getting junk out of space

A crack Australian team is using machine learning to tackle the threat of space junk wrecking new satellites. The project involves University of Adelaide academics and researchers partnering with Inovor Technologies, a leading Australian space firm specialising in space situational awareness.

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