15 June 2021

Media Release: Inovor Technologies to build small satellites in Australia

The Australis class by Inovor Technologies

Adelaide, Australia – 15 June 2021 – Inovor Technologies, Australia’s leading satellite manufacturer, is today announcing its entry into the small satellite market.

Development of Inovor Technologies’ new class of small satellite (up to 250 kilograms), named ‘Australis’, is underway at Lot Fourteen, the home of space in Australia.

Inovor Technologies has brought forward development of the Australis class to meet Australia’s growing demand for larger, trusted sovereign Australian-owned space technologies.

Inovor Technologies founder and Chief Executive Officer Dr Matthew Tetlow said: “Australia’s defence and science organisations want to be able to conduct a broader range of missions using small satellites, and we can help them do that.

“We’re excited to be building upon the technology we have developed in our Apogee Cubesat bus and, with support from international partners, we will be expanding our capabilities with the Australis range of spacecraft.

“We’re able to enter the small satellite market earlier than planned, so we are, and we look forward to making another exciting announcement later in the year.”

Inovor Technologies is currently servicing satellite missions for the CSIRO (CSIROSat-1), Defence, Science and Technology Group (Buccaneer Main Mission), Defence Innovation Hub (Hyperion), the University of Melbourne (SpIRIT), and the Government of South Australia (currently called SASAT1) with its Apogee bus.

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About Inovor Technologies

Inovor Technologies was founded in 2012 to create exciting space technologies to improve and protect our way of life.

Based at the Lot Fourteen innovation precinct in Adelaide, South Australia, Inovor Technologies is wholly Australian owned and operated and provides turnkey Australian satellite mission solutions to our customers using an Australian supply chain.

Inovor Technologies are leaders in small satellite technologies, electronic warfare, and specialist research and development, employing 48 staff including scientists, engineers, and project managers, and a corporate and finance team.